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Things Fall Apart Analysis Essays

Things Fall Apart Analysis Essays Things Fall Apart Analysis Paper Things Fall Apart Analysis Paper Essay Topic: Things Fall apart Claire Stevenson HUM 211 Prof. C. Agatucci Things Fall Apart Novel Analysis 8 February 2010 Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. Norton Critical Edition. Ed. Francis Abiola Irele. New York: Norton, 2000. A. ) How did things fall apart for Onkonwo and for the Igbo people? (*) Onkonkwo is a respected leader in the Igbo culture. At first he becomes very popular with his wrestling when he defeats Amalinze the Cat. This brings great honor to his village. Unlike his father, his goal is to gain titles for himself, and become a good man. He resents his father and wants to prove himself different. He controlls his wives and children greatly. Because he is looked up upon in their community, he is asked to take care of a young boy named â€Å"Ikemefuna. † (From Mbaino to avoid war). He becomes close to him. (especially Onkonwo’s son Nwoye). As the book goes on, Onkonkwo gets to the point where a lot of things disturb him. He goes against the Week of Peace when he beats one of his wives. Then he shoots a gun at his second wife named Ekwefi. When its time for Ikemefuna to be killed, Onkonkwo was not supposed to participate in the murder- and he did. When Nwoye realizes this, he is very sad and not happy with his father. Not feeling good for what he did, he goes to his best friend Obierika. Obierika basically tells Onkonkwo the earth goddess will seek renenge on him. During the funeral of Ezeudo, Onkonkwo’s gun goes off and kills Ezeudo’s son. This was a crime so Onkonkwo and his family had to move away. His old home is destroyed and burned down by come men in his village. While living in his new village, some missionaries come to talk about Christianity. Onkonkwo didn’t believe in it- and Nwoye did. The family ends up moving back to Umuofia and many things have changed and Onkonkwo doesn’t necessarily approve. Destruction arises due to the Igbo people not liking the extreme Christian convertion, and the problems the missionaries have brought upon the village. The leaders of the village, including Onkonkwo are thrown in jail and soon bailed out by the people of Umuofia. A meeting was held the next day and court messengers come to breat it up. Onkonkwo decapitates the leader of the group. No one tries to catch the messengers as they try to get away. Onkonkwo then is depressed again, and knows they will have to surrender for his actions. He commits suicide by hanging himself. B. ) Analyze at least one other aspect of the novel- character, setting, plot event, use of oral tradition, narrator, etc that you believe is significant to better understanding the novel. Be sure to develop and illustrate your points with specific examples from the novel and be sure to explain why you think this aspect of the novel is significant to notice and examine in helping us better understand and interpret the meaning of the novel. *) The character I am choosing to analyze is Onkonkwo- the protagonist in Things Fall Apart. He is a very powerful character in his novel, being respected by society, controlling his family, a leader of Umuofia, a great yam farmer.. etc. His major problem is he doesn’t want to fail in something and he doesn’t want to show he can’t do something. He does not display affection toward anyone- including his family and friends, even if he is thinking and feeling it. He is not very smart when it comes to certain things- and goes against his people’s traditions and his gods. Ex: He was not supposed to participate in the murder of Ikefemuna and he did because he didn’t want to be a weak man. He also lets his gun go off during the eldest man in the villages funeral and kills the dead mans son. He had to move away due to this action. Furthermore, he beats his wife during the Peace Week, which betrayed his people and gods. He was so strong minded that he was making the wrong decisions at times. Onkonkwo helped me better understand the meaning and significance of the novel because he made me realize how that African society worked. He linked together the people, the gods, and the beliefs of everyone in the book. It was also brought to my knowledge how important gods, and traditions were to African people. I also realized the consequences of certain actions, and how they didn’t beast around the bush at all. Everything was straightforward in their culture. Onkonkwo was a very legitimate example to me in terms of how this African society went about certain actions, traditions and beliefs. He was a character that had many good and bad aspects throughout the novel. I now better understand the ways of African culture and traditions.

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20 Tips to Improve your Writing Productivity

20 Tips to Improve your Writing Productivity 20 Tips to Improve your Writing Productivity 20 Tips to Improve your Writing Productivity By Michael So youd like your latest writing project to get moving faster. Great writers have felt the same. Dont worry, its fixable. When the words stop, writers have effective ways of getting them moving again. Plow new ground Write multiple drafts instead of obsessively editing the same one. You can tell the same story, but tell it over again. You will probably feel more encouraged. That part that you never knew how to fix? Maybe your new draft doesnt have it anymore. Commit to a consistent schedule Write daily, not someday. Start today, not tomorrow. Find the best time for you. Resolve that 6:00 a.m or 9:00 p.m. will be your regular time for writing, and thats it. If you dont make time, you may not find time. Use the time you have. After all, you cant use the time you dont have. Though its definitely easier to write when you dont constantly switch tasks, you cant wait for large blocks of time to appear in your schedule. They may not. Instead, take advantage of the minutes between tasks, time that might have been misused. And when you cant write, prepare to write. Set priorities I regret to inform you that you cant do everything. You cant spend three hours a day watching television, four hours playing video games, eight hours at work or school, eight hours sleeping, two hours eating, and one hour writing. That totals 26 hours a day. Youll have to cut something from your schedule. Do you want to write or not? Count words, not minutes. You may feel lighter and freer if you know that you can get up from your chair and play golf as soon as you have written 1,000 words. You may write faster out of sheer anticipation. Count minutes, not words. On the other hand, sometimes the words get hard and so does your chair. If your mind is strained, tired or muddled, maybe you should limit your writing time. But find a goal you can stick to. Im not giving you permission to give up easily. Don’t begin at the beginning The title and first lines are the hardest parts to write. They get easier after youve finished the rest, and having perfected them may not help you write the rest more efficiently. So dont bother writing them first. You can change the title any time before the release thats one reason why movies have working titles. Start in the middle Actually, start writing the part that most inspires you, Start where you want to, where your creative urge is strongest. You can add introductions and conclusions later. Write your favorite part first. Choose an audience You can write most effectively when you know who youre writing for, when you can picture them in your mind. Then you know more clearly what the purpose of your writing is. Change your audience If your writing gets stuck or even boring, try picturing a different reader. Maybe you werent picturing any particular reader at all. No wonder your writing sounded unfocused. Imagine youre writing to your best friend, your best customer, your biggest fan, or to your grandmother. (Write regularly to your grandmother, if you have one.) Take very small steps If youre overwhelmed by the thought of writing the whole piece, tell yourself to only write one sentence then make yourself stop. Science fiction writer Roger Zelazny used to advise authors to write two sentences. Never rewrite until you’re done writing. There is a time for writing and a time for editing, and most writers cant do both at once. Editing as you write will slow down your writing, often to a standstill its a major cause of writers block. Once you get started, ideas will come running fast enough that you wont have time to refine them until after the stampede. When one project bogs down, switch to another. We were built for variety, and the specialization of the Industrial Age has lessened us. You werent meant to always do the same thing. Keep more than one project bubbling at once. When you (temporarily) lose interest in one book, you always have something else to work on. Please only yourself. You can pretend to be interested in a genre because it sells well, but youre competing against other writers who arent pretending. Competition in the publishing world is tough enough. Im not saying to ignore market forces if you enjoy writing in two genres, its fine to pick the more popular one. But if you focus on what you know best, you can write faster and research less. And theres less competition. Your teacher is not looking over your shoulder. Too often, school teaches children to write and teaches them to hate writing. Writing gives us a way to share ourselves, and we should love it. Grammar is not sharing; its only an aid to sharing. Style is worthless if it doesnt help your reader. You have no obligation to sound like anyone but yourself. Keep a notebook When you have a fresh idea, write it down and store it up for the times when you dont. Make notes of interesting expressions youve overheard, describe scenes youd like to write about, record physical details. Dont wait for inspiration. If your Creative Muse doesnt flit into your room and shower inspiration upon you, go out into the hallway and take her by the hand. If you were in your chair writing at your scheduled time of 6:00 a.m. or 9:00 p.m, she would have known where to find you. Look in your notebook there should be some inspiration there. Say what you really mean If you get stuck or tangled in your writing, try this: pretend youre talking to a child and say, What I really mean is. Then say what you really mean. My college speech teacher used a similar technique. When nervous students showed up to give their first speech, she told them, You dont have to give your speech, just tell us what you would have said. Change your medium. If you cant get your writing to move, try telling your story out loud. Leave yourself a voicemail. Send it as an email to someone. Send it as a text. Write it as a series of headlines. Write only the outline. Use a pencil. Use a crayon, as James Thurber did. As his eyesight diminished, he had to write one letter per page. And you think you have problems. Write any way you can. If you feel constricted as a writer and the words dont come, work around your block. Dont force yourself to stay on the main point. Tell your backstory, share your history, give the background, explain the alternatives. Youll get back on track soon enough. How many of these tips have you tried? What other tips have worked for you? Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? 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Critically discuss the Suitability, Feasibility and Acceptability of Assignment

Critically discuss the Suitability, Feasibility and Acceptability of the International Strategy of an Organisation - Assignment Example This in turn has resulted in increasing internationalisation of the businesses. More and more multinational organisations are operating in different countries because of the increasing globalisation. There are different reasons and motives behind the decision of internalisation. According to Johnson and Turner (2003), the reasons and motives of the organisations behind pursuing internationalisation strategy can be divided into following broad categories: 1. Resource Seeking 2. Market Seeking 3. Efficiency Seeking 4. Strategic Asset Seeking Apart from this different approaches to enter into international market are being used by the organisations. Different market entry modes available to the organisations are presented in the figure below: (Adapted from Johnson and Turner, 2003) According to Wrigley (2000), Coe (2003), and Sanghavi (2000), the international expansion by the retail organisations started relatively later as compared to that of the manufacturing organisations but there have been considerable growth and development in the international expansion by the retail organisations in the last fifteen years. It is relatively difficult for the retail organisations to pursue the strategy of international expansion. The retail organisations do not have a single product which they can export to different markets. These retail organisations offer different products which are supplied by different manufacturers and along with this provide the shoppers with a complete experience. Hence it can be said that the business of retailing also has intangible service element. Along with this the products provided by the retail organisations have different consumer preferences and tastes in different regions. For this reason, it is not easy for the retail organisations to expand in different geographical markets and regions. The retail organisations are provided with two different strategic options in order to expand their business operations internationally i.e. global and multinational strategies. The retail organisations which implement the global strategy follow the same format and strategies all over the world. On the other hand the retail organisations which implement the multinational strategy adapt and change the practices according to local preferences. (Alexander and Myers, 2000) In this report an attempt has been made in order to analyse and discuss the suitability, feasibility, and acceptability of the internationalisation strategy of United Kingdom largest retail organisation, Tesco. COMPANY BACKGROUND: Tesco is the one of the biggest and largest retail organisation in United Kingdom. The company is not only operating in the retail industry but has also expanded in several other industries and markets. Apart from this the company is known for its rapid and successful international expansion in different regions (Palmer, 2005). The company has been successfully operating in 13 different countries of the world. Tesco is a successful multina tional retail organisation and is the third largest retail organisation in the whole world on the basis of revenues. The company is still looking to further expand its international operations (Wood, 2011) INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY OF TESCO: The management of Tesco is making all possible efforts in order to make sure to achieve the strategic of ongoing expansion in the international market. Currently, the retail organization is operating in 13 different countries all over the globe including Europe, North America, and Asia.

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Discussion Board 10 - Chapter 13 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion Board 10 - Chapter 13 - Essay Example I am able to resolve these conflicts because I use my leadership abilities in order to make them listen to each other and meet halfway whenever possible. I let them know that I respect everyones opinion and that I am empathic to their reasons. However, as I listen to their arguments, I make sure to take note relating to what I think will work for us and what will not. At the end of the bickering, I let them know that they actually have some common ground to work on that is sure to benefit the group and result in the outcome that we all expect to have for our project. Normally, after I ask them to reconcile their expectations based upon their common ground, the group members manage to see each others point of view quite differently from when they were talking at each other rather talking to each other. This results in a more cohesive group that can work together towards the completion of a common

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The Strategy Used By Munchys Make The Company Marketing Essay

The Strategy Used By Munchys Make The Company Marketing Essay Strategic management is the process which refers to strategy formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross functional decisions to enable an organization to achieve its objectives. A strategy is about long-term planning and it must be implemented and the organization resources as well as its capabilities properly harnessed so as to achieve the planned outcome. Strategic management focuses on integrating management, marketing, finance or accounting, production or operation, research and development, and computer information system to achieve organization success. 2.0 Munchys Background Munchys is known as Malaysias No.1 homegrown biscuit brand which is a remarkable Malaysian success story of five brothers from Muar, Johor. Besides that, Munchy was a company which gains Super brands Status of year 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, and 2009. Actually the name Munchys was derived from the Mandarin term Mai Qi which Mai is the meaning of flour or wheat and Qi is refers to the magical quality found in the delicious wafers that are made from only the finest ingredients. In the beginning, this business is started by two elder brothers from Tan family who asked their father to allow them to start their own company. With his agreement, their business started out as a cottage operation in Johor back in 1991 with producing wafers, wafer sticks and biscuits with an Austrian-made second-hand wafer stick machine costing RM80, 000. With their high spirits they try their best to produce the highest quality wafer sticks around and they make it as Malaysias No.1 homegrown biscuit brand. From an Original Equipment Manufacturer to a household name, the Munchys brand was born in 1993. In year 2006, Munchy was recorded in Malaysia Book of Records as Largest Wafer Manufacturer in 2005. During 1997 till 1998, Munchy almost went bankrupt during the Asian financial crisis but luckily the company was survived from the Asian financial crisis and its revenue jumped from RM20mil in 1998 to RM50mil in 1999. According to a Nielsen Retail Index Corporate Value Share report in 2008, Munchys was ranked Malaysias No.1 homegrown biscuit brand excluding Sabah and Sarawak from June 2006 to 2008. Besides that, Munchys is keep looking forward at new potential products and innovations as it works towards keeping up its standing in Malaysia as the countrys most innovative and success biscuit brand. They have an entire RD department that specifically focuses on this aspect, so as to always stay at the forefront of innovation. Munchys major markets are in Asia, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan being its key markets, their vision is to be significant in 100 countries by 2020. On the other hand, Munchys mission is to bring joy and add flavor to every occasion with their high quality, affordable and fun-eating snacks. The companys CEO, C.K Tan always believed in the power of branding and automation and technology will gain benefits in a business. He spent RM500, 000 on IT systems for Munchys in 1997 and now a day he still investing on it because he believe that computerization will makes the productivity of company more efficient. 3.0 PEST in Strategic Analysis The PEST analysis is an analysis which concerned with the environmental influences on a business. It is a business measurement tool for understanding market growth or decline, and as such the position, potential and direction for a business. PEST analysis is also an acronym stand for Political, Economic, Social and Technological issues that could affect the strategic development of a business to assess the market. 3.0.1 Political Munchys have always recognized the important of manufacturing only Halal product since the government of Malaysia focusing on turning the nation into an international Halal Hub. That is a reason why Munchys have a dedicated committee that deals with all things Halal. The Committee is made up of representatives from each key section that contributes to the making of the products. Munchys is setting its sights on a greater share of the regional pie while the tariff and trade barriers are trimmed with the formation of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). In fact of this, Munchy have been opened a new branch offices in ASEAN neighbors. 3.0.2 Economic Nowadays, Munchys sales in ASEAN have seen a clear uptrend because of the proactive approach of Munchys done in sales and distribution, For instance, Mr. Tan reveals that sales in Singapore have grown by more than 50% since 2003, making the island Munchys third largest export market. Besides that, The Company has experienced double-digit growth not only within Malaysia but also in Japan, Singapore and other Asian countries. Still, Munchys export growth has been broad-based and their exports have been grown by close to 60% within this year. The local market is also growing, as Malaysias population expands. 3.0.3 Social Nowadays, health as a prime concern is now increasingly by many consumers, accordingly, Munchys have been reformulating their range to feature less sugar, less salt, lower fat and high nutrient content. Munchys believes that it must be a balance achieved between good taste and health. The CEO of the company Mr. Tan frequently used Teamwork as the key word to describe how the company has evolved and transformed. In order to work for teamwork, the staff from all levels must believe and have confidence with the brand of the company and be able to deliver the brand promise effectively to consumers. Munchys has various CSR (corporate social responsibility) programmes in place which mainly aid to orphanages and hospices for children. Munchy Food also aims to produce more quality products on par with international brands but reflecting a typical Malaysian identity by carrying the spirit of Malaysia Boleh. 3.0.4 Technology Munchys tried to keeping up its standing in Malaysia as the countrys most innovative and success biscuit brand, in fact Munchys keep looking forward at new potential products and innovations as it works towards. They have an entire RD department that specifically focuses on new potential products and innovations to ensure the company always stay at the forefront of innovation. They believes that with the technologies and know-how todays, they could probably walk three steps ahead compared to the old days when they could only do things step by step. Actually, Mr. Tan has been started its regional expansion plans where Munchys has sales and marketing teams in Singapore and Indonesia, while establishing teams in a number of other Asian countries. Munchys always believed in the power of branding and automation and technology will gain benefits in a business. He spent RM500, 000 on IT systems for Munchys in 1997 and now a day he still investing on it because he believe that computerizatio n will makes the productivity of company more efficient. 3.1 SWOT analysis SWOT analysis is a basic, straightforward model that provides direction and serves as a basis for the development of marketing plans. It is an acronym used to describe the particular Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that are strategic factors for a specific company. It is the first stage of planning and helps marketers to focus on key issues. SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing an organization and its environment. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. Opportunities and threats are external factors. 3.1.1 Strength Munchys always emphasizes the delicious wafers that are made from only the finest ingredients. They believe that the only way to produce the highest quality wafer sticks is using the finest ingredients. Besides owning state-of-the-art machines, have a good and committed management team with a strong multinational background assist Munchys investment in talent and that is a factor that sets Munchys apart from the rest of the competition. Another area of strength is their focus on brand-building, Mr. Tan engaged an international branding consultant to establish Munchys as a distinct brand in 2004. Although Mr. Tan believes in continuous product development and he knows that everything starts from the product so he put a lot of innovative ideas into designing the products from the packaging to brand image, the sharp and weight of the products, basically from all aspects. Until now, Munchys company still keeps thinking on how to make the existing products better in innovative. 3.1.2 Weaknesses Although Munchys company always thinking about how to make their product become more innovative, but what they done is just put effort on the wrapping of their product but not in the flavor and the varieties of the product. Munchys should put effort on the variety of their product. For example like Nestle Company, their production such as Milo drinks, ice cream, Chocolate and so on. The varieties of their products on the market strengthen the value of their product in the market. 3.1.3 Opportunities In laying the groundwork for their Asian expansion, Tan started to transform the company three years ago. This included bringing in an impressive senior management team with a strong MNC (Multinational Corporation) background. The idea is to eventually allow Malaysia to run without him as CEO so that he can focus on its regional plans. With the need to bring in new skill sets, Munchys structured a supervising board which is filled by some of the brothers and also some very experienced former chief executives to help guide the company forward. To produce better products, Munchys claims that it is the market leader in the wafer category and the top three in the biscuits market share ranking. Invests substantially in RD, adding that research is an important aspect of branding and it is imperative to work closely with consumers to understand their wants and needs. 3.1.4 Threats Munchys intention to re-brand or remodel Munchys into an international brand which aimed at establishing home-grown Munchys as a global brand in line with its new business directives of aggressively expanding into foreign markets. Besides that they also plan to increase their export sales by 25% to RM50mil in year 2010 and the company is heading towards a new business direction for further market expansion. Munchy Food maintains its competitiveness through endless upgrading of its operations, marketing, sales and distribution, research and development, and most importantly, capital-intensive investments. Most of these heavy investments derive from world-class machinery and automation, computerization, and ERP engagement for its management. 3.2 Benchmarking analysis Benchmarking analysis is an analysis contributes lessons are learned. This analysis is a process of continual improvement which helps a company who is still growing to identify their trouble spots and provides a systematic approach to improving production efficiency and profitability. Nestle is the worlds largest food and beverage company which leading in Nutrition, Health and Wellness and they employs over a quarter of a million workers. Compare with Munchys, Nestle strategy is based on a broad range which the company overcome cultural barriers and customer resentments to foreign brands by purchases local brand names which the consumer is accustomed to. After these niches of basic food supply are filled Nestle moves on into the more upscale segments such as chocolate, soft drinks and the like. Their strategy is to establish a basis and then expand into more niches as demand rises. Connected to the rising demand is the rising income level as the population can afford to spend more money on food products. As mentioned in the book, Nestle provides about 8500 brand names, but only 750 of them are registered in more than one country and only 80 are registered in more than ten countries. Many household names such as Nescafe, KitKat and Nesquik were Nestle produces and some other brands are also well known by consumers just they might not have realized that they were Nestle products. In 2002 Nestle had a sales turnover of over  £38.3 billion on which it made a net profit of over  £3.2 billion. The majority of this profit was re-invested in the business whilst the remainder was paid out to shareholders in dividends. Munchys put more effort in RD on their wrapping and brand-building. They have spending close to RM4 million on branding and ads every year and this budget is increasing. Besides that, the company also invested RM10 million to buy packaging machines from Japan. Munchys always thinking about how to make their product become more innovative, but what they done is just put effort on the wrapping of their product but not in the flavor and the varieties of the product. Munchys should have a broad range to improve their performance in production efficiency and profitability. 4.0 Strategy Formulation Strategy formulation is the second phase in the strategic management process which produces a clear set of recommendations and supporting justification that revises as necessary the mission and objectives of the organization, and supplies the strategies for accomplishing them. Strategy formulation is the process of planning strategies such as corporate strategies and business strategies. Sometimes it is useful to think of corporate-level strategies as where to compete and the business-level strategies as how to compete in those areas.Strategy formulation includes the planning and decision making that lead to the establishment of the firms goal and the development of a specific strategic plan by assessing the external environment and internal problem and integrate the result into goals and strategy. 4.1 Corporate Strategic A corporate strategy depicts the corporate cultures perception of progress and growth. Besides that, this strategy is comprises a directional strategy through a corporate vision and a mission statement. One of the most important roles of this strategy is to define a companys domain of activity through selection of business areas in which the companys domain of activity through selection of business areas in which the company will compete. Portfolio analysis is an analysis which combines internal and external factors and could be dealt with in the discussion of strategy in a company. Besides that, portfolio analysis is an enterprise strategy development tool based primarily on the market share of business and the growth of market in which company business exists. Munchys boasts a great range of portfolio that includes biscuits, wafers and wafer sticks. In order to achieve the best product quality, Munchys has invested in fully-integrated conveyer system to state-of-the-art warehouses for its commitment to have facilities of the highest quality. This includes two wafer plants with the capacity to manufacture up to 740 tonnes per month, four biscuit plants which can produce up to 3,400 tonnes per month, and four wafer-stick machines with 16 production lines that have the capacity to produce up to 250 tonnes per month. These manufacture enable Munchys maximize their production and now reach the capacity of 5,000 tonnes up wards per month. Few years ago, Munchys have the launch their new product, new Munchys Mini crackers and it affect the company in expecting export sales from RM90mil to RM100mil and a total revenue of over RM300mil, against RM250mil. In fact of this, Munchys had invested about RM75mil in new equipment in two years before launching this product and it resulted in the production of the new Munchys Mini crackers. 4.2 Business Strategic Business-level strategy formulation pertains to domain direction and navigation, or how business should compete in the areas they have selected. Low-cost provider strategy is using by a company which securing a competitive advantage by serving a lower price than rival competitors. This is a strategy is an integrated of actions taken to produce goods or services with features that are acceptable by customers at the lowest cost compare to the competitors which just with features that are acceptable to customers. This strategy maintain present price, be content with present market share, and use lower-cost edge to earn a higher profit margin on each unit sold, thereby increasing total profits. Munchys mission is to bring joy and add flavor to every occasion with their high quality, affordable fun-eating snacks. Munchys make an achievement in low overall cost which by manufacturing nutritional biscuits in convenient packets as well as coated and cube wafers at lower prices than rivals. The products that Munchys produce are currently include approximately of the consumers across all segments like kids, teenagers, and adults. So t hat Munchys product is offering the buyers consider essential with their various types of product. Differentiation Strategy is an Action which set an acceptable cost that let customers perceives the different on the produce goods or services. The objective of this strategy is to affect buyers to prefer Munchys product or service over brand of rivals. On the other way, it means that a company has to take an initiative action such as creative idea on what is important to customer. With the constant line-up of new products and product innovation constantly introduced to the market, Munchys has become synonymous with innovation. Most recently Munchys was launched in response to the current trend and desire for healthy snacks. This kind of healthy snack filled with healthy and scrumptious fruit, oats, and more, the Oat Krunch makes a delectable, healthy biscuit that one will reach out for anytime of the day. In the second quarter of 2009, Munchys launched the irresistible Captain Munch which aimed their targeted at teenagers and kids. This product is enriched with Energy Plus that cont ains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. This makes Captain Munch a source of vitamin and nutrition, as well as the perfect nutritious health snack solution for smart and active kids and teens. These recent additions products, Oat Krunch and Captain Munch have been reinforce Munchys commitment to providing more great-tasting snacks that help consumers strike a healthy balance in their daily lives. With their product which differentiating in features cause their rivals not easily to copy or matched. So, it may cause the buyers to prefer Munchys product or service over brand than rivals. Best-cost provider strategy is a combination of a strategic which emphasis on low-cost strategy and differentiation strategy. In this strategy, company must make an upscale product at a lower cost to prove the customer that its benefit for the value. It works on deliver comparable features at a lower price than rivals or matches rivals on prices and provides better features. Munchys brand mission is to produce all kinds of fun-eating snacks for every home all over the world. Presently, its strength lies in its high quality and diverse product range which Coupled with marketing strategies like manufacturing nutritional biscuits in convenient packets as well as coated and cube wafers at lower prices than competitors. Munchys Food also aims to produce more quality products on par with international brands but reflecting a typical Malaysian identity. Besides selling products at lower prices, Munchys always ensure that its products always in good quality, Munchys Quality Assurance and Qua lity Control Department ensures that all production procedures that are in place are constantly adhered to. According to the international standards set by the many regulatory boards from which Munchys has received official certification. With their good-to-excellent performance at a lower cost than rivals, they may affect consumers who are sensitive to price and value. 5.0 Strategy implementation Strategy implementation is the most important and most difficult part of the strategic management process which requires the organizations employees and managers at all levels to turn strategies into action. Actually, strategy formulation is described what a company going to do but strategy implementation is doing it. A successful strategy implementation requires support, discipline, motivation, and hard work from all managers and employees. In the aspect of management issues, Munchys has its own policies to operate on Munchys daily operation. Munchys prefer to focus on company and product development which boast a great range on produce its products with world class quality and build a long term brand. To produce the high quality product, Munchys has invested in full-integrated conveyer system to state-of-the-art warehouse which have two wafer plants, four biscuit plants and four wafer-stick machines with 16 production lines. With these systems, Munchys can have maximum production c apacity of 5000 tonnes upwards per month. To keeping up its standing in Malaysia most innovative biscuit brand, Munchys always looking at potential new products and innovations. Although Munchys has already a strong presence in Malaysia, it still continues to raise the bar by constantly strengthening their product appeal and market network in Asia and around the world. Besides that, Munchys believes in strong and effective in brand building, and achieves this through its strategic consumer-led promotions. To achieve this, Munchys is regularly brand-building through their numerous innovations and new products. One of the Munchys key on drivers in brand building is its active in sponsorship role. Munchys is a big player and firm believer in sponsorship and now being the proud sponsor of major concerts organized by top concert and event organizers, television and radio stations. Before this, Munchys has sponsored the Miss Chinese Cosmos Southeast Asia Pageant with created its very own title Miss Munchys Fun Fit. The title is in line with the launch of its new health range of product, Oat Krunch. Nowadays, sponsorships help Munchys increased in its mileage and the brand image is easily recognizable as one that offers high quality products. To ensure consumer can taste its keep supporting Munchys high quality products, Munchys Quality Assurance and Quality Control Department played an important role. This department ensures that all the production procedures that are in place are constantly adhered to the international standards set by the many regulatory boards from which Munchys has received official. The department is function in three categories which is in-process quality control, incoming control and laboratories. In-Process Quality Control is used on monitoring the product quality parameters at various processing stages from raw material until finished goods. Incoming Control is to monitoring of raw material and packaging at the entry level. The third category is the Laboratories and this category is divided to 2 part which is Microbiology Laboratory that responsibility on analyze and minimize microbiology contamination of products, processing lines, operators and general environment, thus ensuring the products a re free from harmful bacteria contamination. General Laboratory is responsibility to ensure that all the products meet legislative requirements, and are up to its consumers expectations. Munchys today boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehousing facilities which cover more than 400,000 square feet in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. Besides that, Munchys products can be found in approximately 60 countries around the world. In fact of this, MunchWorld Marketing Sdn Bhd which set up in 1996 was played an important role as the marketing arm of all Munchys products. Munchys vantage point was its in-depth know-how into the successful marketing of fast-moving consumer goods or FMCGs, both locally and internationally. Munchys marketing prowess was proven through its own well-known, established and popular products among consumers. Besides that, MunchWorld was able to impart invaluable insights into product development, having grown Munchys from scratch with our endless pool of resources and knowledge. This made us feel it was time to share our skills and expertise with other reputable brands that understood the potential and value of good marketeering. To strengthening their product appeal and market from rivals, Munchys products always attract consumers across all segments such as kids, teenagers, adults. For example, Munchys launched the irresistible Captain Munch which aimed their targeted at teenagers and kids. This product is enriched with source of vitamin and nutrition as well as the perfect nutritious health snack solution for smart and active kids and teens. These products have been reinforce Munchys commitment to providing more great-tasting snacks that help consumers strike a healthy balance in their daily lives. 6.0 Conclusion The strategy used by Munchys make the company become stronger and stronger. The product their product are aimed on the teenagers and kids which enrich with health sources, and halal which mean the products are available to Islamic. Their RD which specifically focuses on new potential products and innovations will ensure the company always stays at the forefront of innovation. Every new products come out from Munchys are always supported by their chocolate lover. The main reason why the customers always supporting their product is Munchys always emphasize on using the high quality ingredient to process the high quality product. The effort on using the high quality ingredient on process the high quality product ensures Munchys become successful. Referencing: Author by CATHY A.ENZ, Hospitality Strategic Management (concept and cases), second edition, page 18. Author by Richard L. Daft, Patricia Lane, Management, page 191.

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Otitis is a general term for inflammation or infection of the ear, in both humans and other animals. It is subdivided into the following: Otitis externa, external otitis, or â€Å"swimmer's ear† involves the outer ear and ear canal. In external otitis, the ear hurts when touched or pulled. Otitis media or middle ear infection involves the middle ear. In otitis media, the ear is infected or clogged with fluid behind the ear drum, in the normally air-filled middle-ear space. This very common childhood infection sometimes requires a surgical procedure called â€Å"myringotomy and tube insertion†.Otitis interna or labyrinthitis involves the inner ear. The inner ear includes sensory organs for balance and hearing. When the inner ear is inflamed, vertigo is a common symptom. An ear infection (acute otitis media) is most often a bacterial or viral infection that affects the middle ear, the air-filled space behind the eardrum that contains the tiny vibrating bones of the ear. C hildren are more likely than adults to get ear infections. Ear infections are often painful because of inflammation and buildup of fluids in the middle ear.Because ear infections often clear up on their own, treatment often begins with managing pain and monitoring the problem. Ear infection in infants and severe cases in general require antibiotic medications. Long-term problems related to ear infections — persistent fluids in the middle ear, persistent infections or frequent infections — can cause hearing problems and other serious complications. The onset of signs and symptoms of ear infection is usually rapid. Children Signs and symptoms common in children include: Ear pain, especially when lying down Tugging or pulling at an ear Difficulty sleepingCrying more than usual Acting more irritable than usual Difficulty hearing or responding to sounds Loss of balance Headache Fever of 100 F (38 C) or higher Drainage of fluid from the ear Loss of appetite Vomiting Diarrhea Adults Common signs and symptoms in adults include: Ear pain Drainage of fluid from the ear Diminished hearing Sore throat When to see a doctor Signs and symptoms of an ear infection can indicate a number of different conditions. It's important to get an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. Call your child's doctor if: Symptoms last for more than a day Ear pain is severeYour infant or toddler is sleepless or irritable after a cold or other upper respiratory infection You observe a discharge of fluid, pus or bloody discharge from the ear An adult with ear pain or discharge should see a doctor as soon as possible. An ear infection is caused by a bacterium or virus in the middle ear. This infection often results from another illness — cold, flu or allergy — that causes congestion and swelling of the nasal passages, throat and eustachian tubes. Role of eustachian tubes The eustachian tubes are a pair of narrow tubes than run from each middle ear to high in the back of the throat, behind the nasal passages.The throat end of the tubes open and close to: Regulate air pressure in the middle ear Refresh air in the ear Drain normal secretions from the middle ear Swelling, inflammation and mucus in the eustachian tubes from an upper respiratory infection or allergy can block them, causing the accumulation of fluids in the middle ear. A bacterial or viral infection of this fluid is usually what produces the symptoms of an ear infection. Ear infections are more common in children, in part, because their eustachian tubes are narrower and more horizontal — factors that make them more difficult to drain and more likely to get clogged.Role of adenoids Adenoids are two small pads of tissues high in the back of the throat believed to play a role in immune system activity. This function may make them particularly vulnerable to infection and inflammation. Because adenoids are located near the opening of the eustachian tubes, inflammation or enlargement of the adenoids may block the tubes, thereby contributing to middle ear infection. Inflammation of adenoids is more likely to play a role in ear infections in children because children have more active and relatively larger adenoids. Related conditionsConditions of the middle ear that may be related to an ear infection or result in similar middle ear problems include the following: Otitis media with effusion is inflammation and fluid buildup (effusion) in the middle ear without bacterial or viral infection. This may occur because the fluid buildup persists even after an ear infection has resolved. It may also occur because of some dysfunction or noninfectious blockage of the eustachian tubes. Chronic suppurative otitis media is a persistent ear infection that results in tearing or perforation of the eardrum. Risk factorsSymptoms Age. Children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years are more susceptible to ear infections because of the size and shape of the eustachian tubes and becaus e of their poorly developed immune systems. Group child care. Children cared for in group settings are more likely to get colds and ear infections than are children who stay home, because they're exposed to more infections, such as the common cold. Infant feeding. Babies who drink from a bottle, especially while lying down, tend to have more ear infections than do babies who are breast-fed. Seasonal factors.Ear infections are most common during the fall and winter when colds and flu are prevalent. People with seasonal allergies may have a greater risk of ear infections during seasonal high pollen counts. Poor air quality. Exposure to tobacco smoke or high levels of air pollution can increase the risk of ear infection. Family history. A child's risk of ear infections increases if another member of the family has had ear infections. Ethnicity. American Indians and Inuits of Alaska and Canada have an increased risk of ear infections Tests and diagnosis By Mayo Clinic staffYour doctor c an usually diagnose an ear infection or another condition based on the symptoms you describe and a relatively simple office exam. The doctor will likely use a lighted instrument to look at the ears, throat and nasal passage. He or she will also listen to your child breathe with a stethoscope. Pneumatic otoscope An instrument called a pneumatic otoscope is often the only specialized tool that a doctor needs to make a diagnosis of an ear infection. This instrument enables the doctor to look in the ear and judge how much fluid may be behind the eardrum.With the pneumatic otoscope, the doctor gently puffs air against the eardrum. Normally, this puff of air would cause the eardrum to move. If the middle ear is filled with fluid, your doctor will observe little to no movement of the eardrum. Additional tests Your doctor may perform other diagnostic tests if there is any doubt about a diagnosis, if the condition hasn't responded to previous treatments, or if there are other persistent or s erious problems. Tympanometry. This test measures the movement of the eardrum. The device, which seals off the ear canal, adjusts air pressure in the canal, thereby causing the eardrum to move.The device quantifies how well the eardrum moves and provides an indirect measure of pressure within the middle ear. Acoustic reflectometry. This test measures how much sound emitted from a device is reflected back from the eardrum — an indirect measure of fluids in the middle ear. Normally, the eardrum absorbs most of the sound. However, the more pressure there is from fluid in the middle ear, the more sound the eardrum will reflect. Tympanocentesis. Rarely, a doctor may use a tiny tube that pierces the eardrum to drain fluid from the middle ear — a procedure called tympanocentesis.Tests to determine the infectious agent in the fluid may be beneficial if an infection hasn't responded well to previous treatments. Other tests. If your child has had persistent ear infections or per sistent fluid buildup in the middle ear, your doctor may refer you to a hearing specialist (audiologist), speech therapist or developmental therapist for tests of hearing, speech skills, language comprehension or developmental abilities. What a diagnosis means Acute otitis media. The diagnosis of â€Å"ear infection† is generally shorthand for acute otitis media.Your doctor likely makes this diagnosis if he or she observes signs of fluid in the middle ear, if there are signs or symptoms of an infection, and if the onset of symptoms was relatively sudden. Otitis media with effusion. If the diagnosis is otitis media with effusion, the doctor has found evidence of fluid in the middle ear, but there are presently no signs or symptoms of infection. Chronic suppurative otitis media. If the doctor makes a diagnosis of chronic suppurative otitis media, he or she has found that a persistent ear infection has resulted in tearing or perforation of the eardrum.Treatments and drugs By May o Clinic staff Most ear infections don't need treatment with antibiotics. What's best for your child depends on many factors, including your child's age and the severity of symptoms. A wait-and-see approach Symptoms of ear infections usually improve with the first couple of days, and most infections clear up on their own within one to two weeks without any treatment. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians recommend a wait-and-see approach for the first 48 to 72 hours for anyone who is otherwise healthy and who is:Six months to 2 years of age with mild symptoms and an uncertain diagnosis More than 2 years old with mild symptoms or an uncertain diagnosis Treating pain Your doctor will advise you on treatments to lessen pain from an ear infection. These may include the following: A warm compress. Placing a warm, moist washcloth over the affected ear may lessen pain. Pain medication. Your doctor may advise the use of over-the-counter acetaminoph en (Tylenol, others) or ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, others) to relieve pain. Use the drugs as directed on the label.Because aspirin has been linked with Reye's syndrome, use caution when giving aspirin to children or teenagers. Although aspirin is approved for use in children older than age 2, children and teenagers recovering from chickenpox or flu-like symptoms should never take aspirin. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns. Eardrops. Prescription eardrops such as antipyrine-benzocaine (Aurodex) may provide additional pain relief. To administer drops to your child, warm the bottle by placing it in warm water. Put the recommended dose in your child's ear while he or she lies on a flat surface with the infected ear facing up.Benzocaine has been linked to a rare but serious, sometimes deadly, condition that decreases the amount of oxygen that the blood can carry. Don't use benzocaine in children younger than age 2 without supervision from a health care professional, as this age gro up has been the most affected. If you're an adult, never use more than the recommended dose of benzocaine and consider talking with your doctor. Antibiotic therapy Your doctor may recommend antibiotic treatment for an ear infection in the following situations:Children under 6 months old with a probable diagnosis of ear infection Children 6 months to 2 years old with a certain diagnosis of ear infection Anyone with a probable ear infection and moderate to severe ear pain Anyone with a probable ear infection and a fever over 102. 2 F (39 C) or higher Even after symptoms have improved, be sure to use all of the antibiotic pills as directed. Failing to do so can result in recurring infection and resistance of bacteria to antibiotic medications. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about what to do if you accidentally skip a dose. Ear tubesIf your child has otitis media with effusion — persistent fluid buildup in the ear after an infection has cleared up or in the absence of any infe ction — your doctor may recommend a procedure to drain fluid from the middle ear. During an outpatient surgical procedure called a myringotomy, a surgeon creates a tiny hole in the eardrum that enables him or her to suction fluids out of the middle ear. A tiny tube is placed in the opening to help ventilate the middle ear and prevent the accumulation of more fluids. Some tubes are intended to stay in place for six months to a year and then fall out on their own.Other tubes are designed to stay in longer and may need to be surgically removed. The eardrum closes up again after the tube falls out or is removed. Treatment for chronic suppurative otitis media Chronic infection that results in perforation of the eardrum — chronic suppurative otitis media — is difficult to treat. It's often treated with antibiotics administered as drops. You'll receive instructions on how to suction fluids out through the ear canal before administering drops. Monitoring Children with f requent or persistent infections or with persistent fluid in the middle ear will need to be monitored closely.Talk to your doctor about how often you should schedule follow-up appointments. Your doctor may recommend regular hearing and language tests. Prevention Tests and diagnosis Prevention By Mayo Clinic staff The following tips may reduce the risk of developing ear infections: Prevent common colds and other illnesses. Teach your child to wash his or her hands frequently and thoroughly, and teach your child not to share eating and drinking utensils. If possible, limit the time your child spends in group child care. A child care setting with fewer children may help. Avoid secondhand smoke.Make sure that no one smokes in your home. Away from home, stay in smoke-free environments. Breast-feed your baby. If possible, breast-feed your baby for at least six months. Breast milk contains antibodies that may offer protection from ear infections. If you bottle-feed, hold your baby in an up right position. Avoid propping a bottle in your baby's mouth while he or she is lying down. Talk to your doctor about vaccinations. Ask your doctor about what vaccinations are appropriate for your child. Seasonal flu shots and pneumococcal vaccines may help prevent ear infections.

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The Key to Successful Issues Essay Topics

The Key to Successful Issues Essay Topics Controversial essay writing is among the best methods to understand how to persuade people and touch on the subjects which are challenging! If you must write your whole essay in 1 day, do your very best to give yourself breaks so you don't burn out. If you must write only 1 paper at the conclusion of the period, you can breathe out as you are blessed. Don't be concerned if you don't have good writing skills because you always ought to employ an expert to finish your assignment punctually. The Downside Risk of Issues Essay Topics Issues like homosexuality create a difference in how people react in society. Such society cannot grow and progress. In the present society, gender means a lot more than it used to. Therefore, what's considered a social problem in 1 culture might be a whole typical event in another community. The One Thing to Do for Issues Essay Topics If you get to select your own topic, that's good. Therefore, the top ic ought to be debatable! If it is too narrow, you might find it hard to find the relevant literature. Argumentative essay topics are so important since they are debatableand it's critical to at all times be critically contemplating the world around us. Argumentative essay is about arguing and debating on a subject, which is debatable. Writing an intriguing essay about trendy topics is an opportunity to reveal your knowledge of earth. Moral argumentative essay topics are a few of the simplest to get carried away with. Choosing topics for argumentative essays is essential for your general success. Once you've got a concept of what you would like to write about, make sure that your topic is neither broad nor narrow. 1 important and appropriate subject is technology. Without a suitable content, superior research paper topics won't make sense. It's possible to go for an intriguing topic from any area of science. The Most Popular Issues Essay Topics Argumentative essays are a few of the best that you can write as a student. There are several persuasive essay topics to pick from to finish your high school or college assignment. Colleges can tell whenever your essay is merely a form essay. It's possible to find more information regarding students' term papers here. It is wise to decide on a topic you can easily research on. Opt for a distinctive topic that others may not think of, and whatever you select, make certain you know a lot about it! When you're picking your topic, remember that it's much simpler to write about something which you currently have interest ineven in case you don't know a good deal about it. The topics mentioned previously are excellent starting points that may be used to make an outstanding project on health difficulties. Finding the most suitable arguments will allow you to prove your point and win. There are lots of problems, even on your own campus, which need to be resolved. If you can select the matter by yourself, it's possible to develop the issue of interest! The issues also have issues that exist around the world regarding gender. New Ideas Into Issues Essay Topics Never Before Revealed At a specific point, you will have to compose an essay utilizing satire essay topics. Taking essay outline help isn't that much critical as finding a great essay for the topic that's primary. As a result, while writing an essay on social difficulties, you will need to choose a topic that's most appealing to you. It's important to select debatable argumentative essay topics since you need opposing points you may counter to your own points. There are lots of aspects about a sport which can be argued in an essay. When you compose a social issue essay, it is very important to demonstrate your private view of the issue. Unlike in the majority of other varieties of essay, you don't will need to generate a point or prove your opinion on the subject-matter is accurate. You will need to back up your viewpoint with well-researched facts and data also.