Saturday, November 2, 2019

Narrative and Storytelling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Narrative and Storytelling - Essay Example they start from a certain point in time and reach a point in future, which, by the end of the movie becomes present. As long as the scenes are logically constructed, and one scene defines the purpose of another, the film is said to have a plot, whereas in movies where one scene has no connection with another in any way, or does not lay the basis for happenings in the upcoming scenes, the story lacks plot. In order for a film to have a story, there have to be characters! Without characters, there is no one for the story to revolve around. In such a case, the film merely delivers knowledge to the audience. Such films have subjects like, â€Å"what is a perfect diet?†, â€Å"how to be slim† etc. â€Å"Where the wild things are† is a short fiction film written by Maurice Sendak that portrays the fears of children and their way of conquering their fears. The film has both a story and a plot. The film starts in a little boy, Max’s real world, then portrays his i maginative world, and then reverts to the real world. The scenes flow chronologically. In the start, Max hides in a wolf’s attire and makes an unsuccessful attempt to frighten his family. His mother locks him up in a room as a punishment, from where, he escapes mentally into an imaginative world, where he travels through the jungle, and sails in a boat until he reaches a far away land where the wild things dwell.

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