Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Work, Roles and Skills of a Manager are the Same Worldwide Essay

The Work, Roles and Skills of a Manager are the Same Worldwide - Essay Example As the report declares the Eastern commercial world sparks unusual dynamics in the workplace and defines its managerial structure in significantly differing roles. Whereas Western workers tend to conceptualize their employment in terms of the organization which employs them, Eastern societies rely upon the personal relationship as a basic social structure. This paper stresses that traditional Chinese, Hui, et al. argue, relate in this fashion to a single individual rather than to an impersonal organization. Traditional behaviour emphasizes respect for authority; more-traditional Chinese would construe the activities of organizational citizenship as the actions expected of family members supporting a chief or father figure. In fact, Hui, et al., comment, â€Å"the psychological basis of this behaviour is the belief that this supervisor has offered trust, respect, protection, and support in the manner of one’s father. the role of the supervisor in Eastern countries where Confucian norms hold sway and traditionalism dictates position and activity based on wu lun will differ significantly from the role played in Western commerce where individualism is paramount and worker allegiance is to the organization as a whole, rather than to a specific individual. This is not to suggest that the Western manager has less need for interpersona l skills, nor that strong ties between supervisors and subordinates will not result in greater investment in organizational citizenship in the Western world; such skills are necessary regardless of location.

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