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Essay On Mental Illness In Hamlet - 860 Words

Did you ever notice there are many characters in Hamlet that have mental disorders? Hamlet has a few characters that could possibly be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. At the beginning of the story, Hamlets dad is possibly murdered and Hamlets uncle, Claudius, takes over the king spot. Hamlets fathers ghost arrives in the castle, it causes suspicions with the whole remarrying right after the death. He becomes very confused on how and why his father passed away. Due to the confusion and questions Hamlet wants answered, he could have developed a mental health disorder in the process of trying to figure things out. There are a few mental health disorders that I have found that Hamlet could very possibly be diagnosed with. One is†¦show more content†¦One symptom that Hamlet has is explosive anger. Right off the bat, Hamlet becomes very angry once he finds out that his father had passed away and was replaced by his uncle Claudius. He becomes mad at his mother for remarrying Claudius. Another example of Hamlet having explosive anger is when he talks to the ghost of his father. He decides to make plans to find out who killed his father. The ghost told Hamlet that Claudius poisoned him. The last example of Hamlet being angry is him saying he is going to pretend to go into a madness stage. Throughout the story he is angry but some may not be sure if he is just doing it to get to Claudius. Another symptom of borderline personality disorder that Hamlet shows us is thoughts of mortality. The first time Hamlet shows signs of mortality is in act one. Gertrude and King Claudius ask him to stay put in Denmark. He wanted his flesh to melt away and he disagrees with God that suicide is a sin. The second time Hamlet mentions mortality is when he mentions it in his soliloquy. â€Å"To be or not to be†¦ that is the question†(Act 3 Scene 1 line 64 Shakespeare). Lastly, Hamlet mentions the death of Alexander by saying it is impossible to tell from the rich and the poor after they are in their grave and have turned into dust. Hamlet is saying your existence in life and nothing to do with your existence in death. The last symptom of borderline personality disorder that Hamlet may have is having unstable relationshipsShow MoreRelatedEssay On Mental Illness In Hamlet765 Words   |  4 PagesIn the play, Hamlet, Prince Hamlet endures the tragic loss of his father, the King of Denmark,   and the ultimate betrayal of his uncle, Claudius, who is throned king following his father’s death and marriage to Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude. Hamlet begins to show signs of depression and emotional instability from the beginning. As the play progresses, Hamlet becomes more and more mentally unstable until he begins to border insanity. Hamlet’s mental health is a recurring theme in the play and there areRead MoreMental Illness In Hamlet Essay992 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout history, mental illness has always been prevalent. As far as time goes, there have been murders and crimes that could not of been committed by a healthy mind. In the play of Hamlet, the story is based around crimes, lies, and deceiving others. Claudius has murdered King Hamlet, causing a chain reaction of other crimes. After realizing the real fate of his father, Hamlet set out to seek revenge for his father. He wanted to murder Claudius for killing his father, but mistoo k Polonius forRead MoreEssay On Mental Illness In Hamlet1050 Words   |  5 PagesA mental illness is described as the alteration in ones behaviour or actions according to their mental stability. For many people around the world, this so called illness, has taken over a part of their lives. It can be argued that Hamlet was accustomed to such illness throughout the play. While portraying confused mindset and thoughts, becoming increasingly more violent and developing suicidal thoughts, the strongest symptoms of his illness become evident. As a result of Hamlet’s constant desireRead MoreEssay On Hamlet Mental Illness827 Words   |  4 PagesHamlet had a lot of things in his life gone wrong. For an example his father (the king at the time) was murdered by his own brother the new king. At the end of the book his mother and ophelia end up dead to. Hamlet was obsessed with his father being murdered and tried to seek revenge upon his murderer. At the end of the book hamlet ended u p killing polonius because he thought it was Claudius (the new king). He was putting other people in harms way too make claudius too confess. Hamlet has Post TraumaticRead MoreHamlet And Hamlet By William Shakespeare2065 Words   |  9 Pages Every play has its own psychology and every author is a psychologist. Like many other plays, Hamlet is a very complex one. It includes various families and portrays their problems to one another. Some of these families with problems are: Hamlet and Claudius, Ophelia and Hamlet and Laertes and Hamlet. I am mentioning Hamlet in all of them, because Hamlet is the source of all the troubles that those families encounter. The problems the characters encounter can be real and the solutions are not practicalRead MoreDeath of a Salesman vs Hamlet: Tragic Heroes The Essence of Fragile Dreams1151 Words   |  5 PagesEach human mind invents a hero as someone they could not measure up to, no matter how much they hope and dream. In the plays â€Å"Hamle t† by William Shakespeare, and â€Å"Death of a Salesman† by Arthur Miller, the main characters, Hamlet and Willy Loman, possess several heroic qualities, but unfortunately their fates rest with tragedy. In William Shakespeare’s famous play, Hamlet, additionally known as the main character, begins with a noble mission to seek revenge on his father’s murderer. A troubled,Read MoreWilliam Shakespeare s A Master Of Tragedy2257 Words   |  10 PagesShakespeare was a master of tragedy. In Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Shakespeare spins a tale of murder, madness, and lies. The character of Prince Hamlet is burdened by the assassination of his father and must avenge the King’s death while protecting his own life. Many have contemplated whether or not Hamlet’s sanity was flawed. Hamlet told the audience that he was not insane, but it is clear that his mourning and melancholia were taking over his world. Hamlet, in a stagnant state of mourning, strugglesRead MoreMadness in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and Hamlet Essay example2151 Words   |  9 PagesThe issue of madness has been touched by many writers. In this paper I will focus on two important writings which deal directly with the mental illnesses. The first one is One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest by Ken Kesey first published in 1962. The second is Hamlet written by Shakespeare approximately in 1602. Ken Kesey worked nights in a mental institution in California and his novel has a lot of truth in it. He faced patients insanity every day and was confident that it was natural responseRead MoreMacbeth Essay819 Words   |  4 PagesMacbeth Essay In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, Macbeth undergoes many psychological tribulations. There is no doubt that he is insane, but the specifics of his conditions help explain the peculiarities of the play. Macbeth’s character was perhaps the culmination of all the psychological disorders known at Shakespeare’s day. He experienced disorders such as split personality, schizophrenia, and post traumatic stress. These disorders could be caused by stress on the battlefield and a poor spousalRead More Hamlet - Shakespeares Ophelia as Modern Icon Essay3388 Words   |  14 PagesHamlet - Shakespeares Ophelia as Modern Icon Shakespeares Ophelia is not lacking in attention. As one of Shakespeares most popular female characters she has enjoyed many appellations from the bard. Fair Ophelia. Most beautified Ophelia. Pretty Ophelia. Sweet Ophelia. Dear Ophelia. Beautiful Ophelia†¦sweet maid†¦poor wretch. Poor Ophelia. (Vest 1) All of these names for Ophelia can be found in Shakespeares The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Since Shakespeares incarnation

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