Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Inconsistency In Providing Information To The Prospective Client

Question: Discuss about the Regarding Inconsistency In Providing Information To The Prospective Clients. Answer: All agents of the Sigma Global is hereby informed that the the company has traced certain major issues in dealing with the customers and providing them with valuable information. The company has been making this survey for last six months and came to the result that most of our customers are dissatisfied with the information that our agents provide to them. Moreover, the information provided by our agents are invalid and customers suffers loss and damages depending on our information. The information are not up-to-date and does not meet the standard and expectations of our clients. The inconsistency, below-standard information creates dissatisfaction among the clients and therefore the company is suffering a heavy loss. The prospective clients too do not want to take our service as our reviews are very bad and dissatisfactory to the customers who had taken our service before. Therefore, we need to develop a stronger information base which will help our agents to deliver good and valu able informative service to our clients. The company has its agents spread over more than 150 countries of the world. Therefore, if we can provide better service we can achieve a stronger position in the market. Thus with the view to achieve success in providing satisfactory information to our clients the company has changed certain policies for our agents to strictly comply and provide satisfactory service to our prospective customers. The Company has recommended changing certain policies which the agents on various countries working with us should follow. The agents should have to take prior approval for their marketing strategies form the company before implementing them. The developing and promotion of the services of the company through the agents needs prior approval of the company. The company has found in its survey that most of our agents are using unethical means to promote our services, so the company has decided to take action against them and to stop such unethical practices the company is going to implement th e approval system. No agents are allowed to make any decision regarding promotion or advertisement of the services. The company has also surveyed and found that the agents have no information data base with them as well as the information provided by the agents are not valid. The company has made strict rules as to the availability of information. The agents should have available information regarding the institutions in Australia, the courses offered by the institutions, fees structure, availability of hostels and other necessary information which needs to be supplied to our customers. The agents should cross check that information in correct and valid and then provide the available information to its customers. The agents can ask any of the company officials to provide for the available information regarding any institute and the facilities provided by such institute for its students coming from other foreign countries. The agents must be accurate with the accommodation information for the students coming from other foreign countries to study in Australian institutes. The agents must confirm them with accurate financial expenditure they will have to bear to study in the certain institutes of Australia. The agents must also confirm regarding the package for housing and travelling expenses. The information provided by the agent to the students or the prospective customers who are interested to take up a course in any of the institutes of the Australia must be valid and must be accurate. The agents must provide estimated cost for the transportation of the students during their course in Australia. Some of the institutes have their own transportation system which will be a less expensive and a suitable medium for transportation for the student. The agent shall inform the customer about the cost of taking up their service. The agents must not cheat the customers by levying extra charges for the information provided. The Customers should also be informed about the duration of such service. Therefore, concluding herewith the recommendation of the company in changing the policies which the agents strictly need follow and abide by. The agents should follow each and every policies of the company strictly so that the goodwill of the company is maintained in the market and can satisfy the prospective customers by providing valuable and relevant information. Bibliography: Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M. and Brennan, R., 2015.Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education. 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